• Executive Officer, Sales & Customer Success Team Naoki Nishiyama Born 1983, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
    Graduated from Meiji University in 2007, and joined CEREBRIX, which is the first and only Sales support company to be listed on the stock market. He was involved in construction of inside sales forces for large IT companies, and participated in more than 80 new sales force start-up projects, hiring and managing more than 200 sales staff. He joined our team in 2015.
  • Executive Officer, Product Management Takeshi Yoshimoto Born 1985, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture
    Graduated from Fukuoka University graduate school and then joined a local advertising company. He responded to a twitter from Mr. Nakajima, then CEO of D-Nuo system , in 2011, and joined a new company with 3 employees and as yet zero achievements. As a senior member of a rapidly growing company, he was responsible for training, guidance , and numerical data management of 60 affiliates with 150 employees all over Japan. He joined our team as an executive officer in 2015.


※Except engineers

  • Sales Team, IS Consultant Yutaka Yokoyama Born 1989, Yamagata Prefecture
    After graduating from Tokyo agricultural university, he joined OPT Holdings, Inc. Transferred to a group company SoldOut Co. Inc. in 2012, and supported over 500 large & small ventures and e-commerce companies. In 2015, he began working on starting inside sales operations and managed 10 staff and support systems.
    As a former user of bellFace, he brings a strong user perspective and on site knowledge to his position on our team.
  • Customer Success Team, IS consultant Akihiro Kobayashi Born 1976, Aomori Prefecture
    After graduating from university, he joined Recruit Staffing Inc. In its BPO division, he was engaged in launching the inside sales project of a major telecommunications carrier for about 5 years. He worked as a project manager on designing call flow, training programs and hiring practices. He then worked for Softbrain Service Co, Ltd. as a sales consultant. Later he acquired an MBA and joined our team. His strength was demonstrated in the launch of the new inside sales project, sales flow, construction of sales process, and an education system.
  • Customer Success Team, IS Consultant Reito Fukaya 1987年生 東京都出身。
    After graduating from high school, he joined the fashion industry, and managed 500 He participated in over 20 business strategy planning projects, re-branding, and new business development. Based on his experience in directing and producing, he puts important consideration on problems, causes and countermeasures which are based on the company’s policies and strength and then establishing new sales style utilizing bellFace.
  • Customer success team, IS consultant Daiki Tokunaga Born 1985, Fukuoka Prefecture
    At the age of 19, in order to broaden his perspective, he traveled around Japan on a bike supporting himself with part-time jobs. He established D-Nuo system with Mr. Nakajima and made a largest video site in the country Working as an interviewer and a cameraman he interviewed more than 600 business owners, and then became involved in developing and managing production partners nationwide. His strengths of grasping customer issues and consulting stems from his experience interviewing managers in a wide spectrum of industry sectors.
  • Customer success team, IS consultant Naoko Nemoto Born 1986, Tokyo
    After graduating from New York State University in 2008, she worked at Canning & Associates Co., Ltd., a foreign-owned training company, after a brief interlude at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu. As a Training Administrator, she was responsible for handling students’ needs, level assessments, and attendance follow-up. She joined our team and is responsible for users training, lecturing, as well as supporting sales and consulting.
  • Finance Masayuki Kadowaki Born 1971, Tottori Prefecture
    Having graduated from Nihon University, college of Commerce, he joined a large office equipment company in his home prefecture. After working in the real estate division, he served as a head office executive, from where he formulated a business re-structuring plan to help our company from financial difficulties. He then joined our team as the Managing Director From the start-up of bellFace, he has been responsible for managing all financial aspects, development of business plans, and dealing with financial institutions.

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