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Our company has planned and developed the system which is specific to B2B inside sales support and which has never been available in the past. We are proud of our achievement of having 5000 users in 500 large domestic companies after two years of establishing the company.

With the development of IT, marketing has evolved dramatically. Television, newspaper and radio are things of the past, and they are taken over by Google, Amazon, Facebook. From macro (whole) to micro (targetted) marketing. What a rapid advancement!

How about the area of Sales and customer support?. 30 years ago, main sales strategy was to phone, and visit customers. In 2017, marketing automation (MA) and customer relationship management (CRM) have become normalized but the way of Sales has not adapted to the new paradigm: sales professionals still phone and visit customers. Time has changed, but despite the fact that millions of people in the country continue to engage in "sales, customer support", this area stubbornly refuses to change. We introduced new technology in this area, and bring unexplored innovation. Through and beyond face to face inside sales systems, we create a world in which every business breaks through the barrier of skills and distance.

CEO Kazuaki Nakajima

Personal profile

Born in Amagasaki City, Hyogo prefecture in 1985.
Aspiring to start a business, he dropped out of high school in the first semester of the first year;
found employment at a civil engineering company at the age of 15; made a business plan of 200 pages while traveling around the world at the age of 19 with funds he had saved;
started the first company at the age of 21; and expanded advertising media nationwide, introducing by video the small business owners of each prefecture, in a venture called

InsideSales & Support system bellFace ,
Instantly shows documents and screens to phone-in customers.