InsideSales & Support System ベルフェイス


bellFace is an InsideSales system specialized for Business to Business sales and customer support.

bellFace is an InsideSales System specialized targetted for Business to business sales customer support.No log in, no installation required.
No matter where you are, it connects in 5 seconds becacuse it operates in the browser (patented).
The audio system is connected through the telephone lines, there is no interruption like with Web meeting systems.

bellFace which is specific to sales, comes with document sharing and script function,
so your experience is just like face to face communication . It is also suited for inside sales.

Connect by simply confirming the number on the screen!

Over 500 companies have implemented from
its first release in the first year.


bellFace features

  • Voice communication is through the telephone line,
    there are no dropped connections.
  • It Start by confirming the number on the screeen
  • No log-in, no installation required

bellFace is used in the following situations

  • Existing customer support and upsell proposal

    bellFace creates astonishing results in support of existing customers. Diverse applications using screen sharing such as service presentations, upsell suggestions, and regular meetings can be carried out with quality equal to or higher than in face to face meetings All while remaining in the office!

    Customer site sales calls are limited to only a few per day, so follow up with customers with low volume will inevitably be inadequate. bellFace enables support of 7 to 8 cases per day = 150 / month without overtime and with maximal customer satisfaction.

  • Inbound sales

    The most important thing in inbound sales is "a prompt response whilethe prospective customer is enthusiastic." bellFace demonstrates its best performance in this crucial point.

    Site sales calls limit reach. It may take a couple of days to see prospective customers, which risks losing them to competitors. bellFace can connect a customer instantly through a phone line and creates a unique customer experience for inbound sales.

  • Combined with Sales calls

    bellFace is a highly convenient tool for inbound sales, but it is not recommended for new outbound sales.

    Using a new system with new customers has a high failure rate, however it shows dramatic effectiveness on " follow up sales" after a sales call, "filtering sales calls" of a prospective customer, and "sales preparation" to increase productivity of sales calls. It is very rare that the first business meeting reaches a contract deal. You can drastically reduce cost and length of sales' lead time by using bellFace twice out of three business meetings. In new B2B business a "hybrid approach" of sales call and online proposals is a winning solution for current business era.

  • Nurturing of prospective and inactive customers

    With regards to sales, one tends to think of developing new customers but this approach may miss opportunities with existing contacts. For example, "There was an inquiry, but no contract" or "We had a deal once, but not anymore". Re-initiating contact with prospective and inactive customers is the most effective strategy to secure sales and bellFace is a highly effective tool in this area.

    You have connected once already, so making online appointments is not difficult, Even 10 business meetings a day is possible.From the perspective of nurturing (developing) customer relationships, regularly talking to prospective or inactive customers through bellFace will definitely lead directly to business results.

InsideSales & Support system bellFace ,
Instantly shows documents and screens to phone-in customers.